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Monday to Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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About Us

About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

To be northern California's premier destination for urgent care medicine.


To provide all our patients with prompt, affordable, excellent quality health care while treating them with sincerity, respect and above all compassion.

Our Values

At Evergreen Urgent Care we pledge to provide our patients with excellent care, with integrity and a commitment to their overall well-being. Our core values serve as the foundation for our relationships. Decisions will be made following the highest of standards which will reflect on our attitude and behavior on a daily basis and will cement the road map towards the achievement of our goals and ultimately the success of the company.


-Integrity: At the center of our operations, without it there is no value to what we do

-Compassion: Surrounds all we do

-Excellence: Drives what we do
-Collaboration: Shares what we do and how we do it for the betterment of our community‚Äč

To schedule an appointment, please call: 408-550-2750.